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Once Bitten Twice Shy

Good Evening All,

First post for a while, but really trying to be positive, yeah right like that's gonna happen.

The world has thrown me it's usual selection of garbage but at this moment in time, even though I may be at possibly my lowest ebb ever!! I have a smile on my face, (Not going to throw in the Black Adderism)

Seriously, I do and am thinking it will take some beating to remove it. I am having positive thoughts and hopefully the next few days will continue in that vane and build on them.

Strangely enough I have come to terms with a lot off things over the last 7 days, adopted the philosophy of in you can't go through, around, over or under negotiate with it and at this moment in time it's working.



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Oh I am pleased you have a smile on your face :-)

I am like that on a Saturday night :-)

Good theory & pleased it seems to be working for you

Stay strong :-)





There's an answer to that madam, and as an administrator you need to think of these things!

Thanks Why Why, life on the up at the moment won't hold my breath as I know how quick it can change.

Saw how many members were down tonight and just tried to share and let them see is a whole of the moon.

You take care.


Yes its good to see the positive posts & I always hope it helps others when they read them to :-)

Hope your smile long continues :-)



Such a positive post which is brilliant. So pleased things are going your way.... long may it last for yoyu.

Positive thoughts bring positive things into our lives. Julie xx


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