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What could this be?

I've just went to eat my lunch and as I took the first mouthful I could feel this weird feeling in the back of my tongue/throat...almost like it closing up and I could feel this little pain Every time I swallow....rational mind is saying it's due to burning it on the unrational mind has went into overdrive thinking that I'm about to kneel over...could even eat my I'm gonna be starving now which will make my anxiety even worse :-(

It's just a big revolving door or anxiety lol


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Hi Ashley

The irrational side has gone & won here Ashley , if the soup was hot you will have burnt your throat

Also my anxiety gives me indigestion which can give me this sensation

Try & eat a little something though as if you go hungry this can lead to low sugar level drops , making you feel weak & even result in feeling like you are having a panic attack

It wont be anything serious , so please try & eat :-)





Yes!! Lol I think this is what it's bloomin agony :(

That will teach me to be so greedy lol xx


Yes I have done it before & it does hurt maybe for a couple of days but it will wear of !

I was going to mention the greedy as it did cross my mind but didn't want to be rude , now you have said it though , yes I hope you have learnt your lesson :-D



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