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What causes physical pain in my arms & right calf muscle ?

Hi all I'm struggling to understand how anxiety can cause pain in my arms & right calf muscle. It plagues me every day. I understand that our bodies go into fight or flight mode & we give off unnecessary addreneline but why do I get the pains. It really grinds me down & I loose sleep through it.

Anyone else suffering with this.

Please help.

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Oh aches & pains where don't I get them !

I totally understand your fear & wondering how anxiety could cause this but it does !

Best explanation I was ever given that seemed to sink in my brain & make sense was when a doctor told me to imagine all the nerves we have running through are bodies

Then picture these as spaghetti & the more anxious we are the spaghetti gets tangled & knotted pulling tighter & tighter & as something because tighter what would it cause

Immediately I came out with pain , it made sense to me & that's how I think of it now , not sure if it will make any sense to you what I am trying to describe but every time I get these pains I do imagine spaghetti getting all knotted up & pulling tighter :-/




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Yes that does make sense do you find it picks on certain areas of the body like in my case it's mainly my right calf muscle & my right arm. I'm thinking blood clots., stroke arrrrrrrr.

You know where I'm coming from .

Thanks again whywhy for your support. Take care xx

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Yes I have had certain pains & sensations in the same place

I had a feeling in my leg the other day , straight away my head said whats this & I could feel the head diagnosing itself , I am good at that , then I remembered I had had it before & it had gone again , so I ignored it & it passed

I suppose you have mentioned this to your GP ?

I know it can be a tough one when it worries you but if they have said its anxiety we are not concerned then we have to start to trust them , took me years to accept they know better than me , but don't get me wrong I still have to work on believing them at times :-)



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