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Can't sleep at night what helps you guys cope with it?

Hey everybody I've been really positive and feeling good lately :) but I still have touble sleeping at night I feel naeuseated at times and just antsy for no apparent reason I usually play video games or I'm on my laptop or Netflix untill I'm incapable too stay awake , I was wondering what helps you guys if you have this problem? Thank you for taking the time too read my post :)

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Hi, have a look at the pinned posts. There is a sleep tips post, that might be something in there that could help you.

Take care x


My CBT therapist pointed me to this website for self help information and its a pretty good website. Read this - Getting into a routine and trying the things that relax you (taking a bath, listening to music, reading etc), not eating a heavy meal or drinking too much alcohol, all can help. Personally sleep is a big problem for me - if I go to bed too early I wake up much too early, I average about 4 or 5 hours most nights, and its a great achievement for me if I can get 6 or more hours sleep in a night. I don't have a tv in my bedroom, and I have a radio that has a sleep feature that means it gradually gets quieter until it goes off and that can be very soothing.


I'm usually troubled with racing thoughts when I get into bed, but fortunately I usually am still able to sleep. Last night, however, I had a VERY bad night and was just tossing and turning and unable to relax at all. So I went to my bedroom shelf and got this bottle of Origins Sensory Therapy my mum gave to me ages ago. I'd always been sceptical about it but I actually found it had a really calming effect on me. You put it on your temple, neck and earlobes and it just makes you feel like my head is clearing up, and the smell is really relaxing too! That'll teach me to be sceptical about the natural treatments, lol.

Best wishes :) xx


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