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They say laughter is the best medicine, & Iv`e found the best way to find some good things to laugh at. I logged onto you tube yesterday, & some of the videos Iv`e seen are hilarious, if very silly. There was one called the fart song, & another called chundercats, which I managed to download onto my phone. I know some people will find these videos a bit childish, but they are very funny, & can take your mind of you worries for a while.

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I always find laughter is a great way to lift your mood :-)

If the clips make you laugh keep watching them :-)

Will have to have a look on there myself :-)

Have a lovely day :-)






Anything that makes you forget about anxiety is ok by me no matter how childish. A laugh is as good as a pill.

Kenny xxxx :D


I was listening to radio yesterday and they had a discussion on laughter yoga. Haven't looked yet but sounds good:)


Anything that relieves anxiety has to be good for you..... childish or not.

It's always good to have a good laugh.

Keep going on You tube. Julie xx



I like to do that too!

Laughter is good for relieving stress.

I also watch things on youtube that aren't funny but that I find interesting. I find that that's good to take your mind of things too.

Keep watching!


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