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Abit of anxiety earlier

Been fine all day but did have abit of anxiety earlier. I felt abit funny, foggy head etc nuthing to bad and I questioned the negative instead of panicking over it which I normally do. It went off after about an hour at true most. Other then that I've been good. Went to bingo this afternoon and won a little bit of money. I'm don't going to let an hour of feeling anxious make me think negative. I'm still on a positive. Xxx

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HI Donaf x Well done on your anxious free days x Ok today was a minor blip but it sounds like you handled it brilliantly x Well done on the bingo win x Nice when we win things gives us a good buzz for once lol x Keep going your doing brilliantly x Donver x


Morning Donaf,

Well done you for questioning the negative, and what about your bingo win!! Lovely to win things no matter how big or small I say. Hope you spent it on something nice for yourself.


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