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Stomach issues

Afternoon everyone hope you are all coping well currently nearing the end of my cbt sessions however I still have my stumbling block where I end up with an upset stomach before I get on a bus,so the whole time I'm on bus I'm anxious il have an accident and show myself up on the bus.i don't use buses very often and find the times I do very challenging.does anyone have any techniques that might help me stop the nervous stomach I get,thank you x

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I'm sorry I'm not sure i'm going to be much help but what i suggest is thinking about all the times you have been on a bus and this hasn't happened. Also perhaps deep breathing before you get on the bus or distracting yourself with thoughts of what you will be doing when you get off the bus or making a mental shopping list or anything. Also when I'm going to engage in anything that causes me extreme anxiety I take some drops of rescue remedy and that seems to relax me.

Just wanted to say I have read your post



Hi Lynne, Im wondering if when you get the bus if you take some tablets for upset tummys with you so you know if you start feeling unwell youve got something with you to help feel better, not sure if that would take the fear away from the situation and make you feel more in control :)

Mimii xx


You could try some Bach rescue remedy before you get on the bus. This may help you calm down.

And, like the others said, think how many times you have been on the bus and nothing has happened.

Positive thoughts.Love Julie xx


Thanks to all those that replied. It's strange because on my return bus journey home my anxiety isn't as bad. I've never had any major problems on the bus. I know if I went on a bus more often even for a few stops it might help me but I can't do that alone. I try switching my thoughts to nice ones but it's like a fight in my head over good and bad feelings x


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