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Damn it!

I didn't go near a chemist since I saw my doctor on Thursday. Today it was sunny and I felt like a walk, so off I go to my local chemist. It was CLOSED! I was fuming. I need Olive Oil for my ear, only my leaf one needs the help but the right ear is red and sore. I've got a short temper and kicked a can as I walked away, I looked stupid but I wasn't happy. I ended up walking down a long road to a Waitrose as my Mum was shopping there. I did walk part a garden full of ducks which was brilliant and made me smile like an idiot lol

I hope to get the stuff tomorrow. Also tomorrow I am setting up a Wii ! So looking forward to that but today that little blip made me mad as hell

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Hi Cardiff x Sods law that is,nt it the day we can actually do what we want and we find we cannot get what we need x Have you tried almond oil for your ears a little of that warm is really good x I think you can get it in supermarkets or chemists x

Hope you have fun with your wii tomorrow x :) Donver x


Hi Cardiff. My GP told me you can use any oil if it is for hard wax even vegetable oil



My doctor prescribed olive oil drops for my ears this week too. Do you pay for your prescriptions? If so worked out cheaper for me to get them over the counter rather than on prescription

Jules x


hi Cardiffgirl, I recognise your icon - it's Pob!

hope you get your oil tomorrow.


Hi jules2105 - I live in Wales so I don't pay for prescriptions. I am off to Sainsburys today so I will get them then so fingers crossed they have it in stock


Hi CardiffGirl

Good luck , I hope they have it in stock to :-)

Let us know if you get it & then hopefully your ear problem will soon be on the mend



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