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Does anyone's head feel very heavy and see black dots? So over it!!

Please help me

I'm 26 years old..

About 5 months ago I had my first panic attack, I was sitting watching tv then all of a sudden I started feeling very dizzy got up to get a drink of water then all of a sudden I thought I was going to pass out said to my mum and partner I don't feel very well, my heart was racing so fast they took me up to emergency ( I honestly thought I was going to die, telling them I loved them) and they told me in was having a panic attack ( had no idea what was happening to me) they sent me home! I've never felt like the same person since that all happened to me..

I had book a holiday with me partner to Thailand was terrified about going (thinking what if I get one over there) we went and had the best time, and got engaged I felt normal again! But as soon as I got home all the symptoms come back again!! Feeling heavy headed, sore ears and seeing black dots!!

I will be sitting doing nothing then all of a sudden I get this fear that I'm about to die, I hate it!

Doctors tell me it's just stress and anxity but I don't believe them, I hate it, it's do depressing

The last couple of days I've been feeling very heavy headed and my ears feel all blocked up have made another doctors appointment to see another different doctor!! All I want are answers

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Hi Elyse

I am sorry that you are still struggling

I remember reading your post or a similar one that you had written before & replied

It is hard believe when you feel so bad that anxiety could cause you to feel this way but it can

If it will make you feel better get a second opinion , I have a feeling they will say the same but hopefully it will reassure you & then you can ask for help on coping with your anxiety

Let us know how you get on





Hi Elyse

I've been feeling that way today heartbeat is weird as well and I can't think straight. All muddle headed.

If I lie down my head feels better also if I take some Paracetamol...I feel that at least I'm doing something positive to help blood pressure is up and I'm waiting to see a Cardiologist for my irregular heartbeat which came on after taking a blood pressure medication.

My balance is off and I also get a scalp tightening now and again which is a scary sensation.

Try to see a lady Doctor if you can, they are more sympathetic and usually just think ' time if month'....

You are so young to have to put up with feeling this way and I am sorry that you are having to.

Hope you can relax over the weekend.


Having anxiety and panic attacks can feel like you are dying but your not and even though it feels terrible at the time it will not harm you. I found that my anxiety and panic are worse when I notice that I am thinking certain things like: what if I have another panic attack in public. You could look up some useful information on the MIND Website as I found this very helpful for myself and my family.


Hi Elyse,

I suffered from anxiety and panic attack for years after I had my daughter. I can empathise with you. I never totally cured them but did yoga and learned to control them and as time went by they deminished. I'm now 61 and dont suffer at all. Take care x


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