Achy body and feeling still unwell

This bug or cold is a pain in the ass. I've had it since last December and I feel I've got to go and see what is going on. Right now legs/arm ache, tingly feelings and well coughing and still with headache. Everyone else is feeling better but it's hanging on for dear life with me. I think I Thursday I am off to doctor for a check up. This can't be normal. I know I shouldn't panic but I am ! As anyone else had this cold? If so, how long has it lasted for you\?


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3 Replies

  • Yur doc can help u u mite have to take meds i body ache too a shower helps alil try and c wat happen

  • Sounds like you are really run down, how horrid to have a cold for this long it does wear you down. Do you eat properly or take a multi vit? Just wondering this might help to boost your immune system and help you to fight it.

    Take care xx

  • Winter12 I do try to eat well and I am thinking of taking Multi Vits too. It's such a pain to be this run down but I am going to see my doctor this week for a check up

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