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General update about me, might include a little rant!

Hope everybody has been ok... As ok as you can be!! After my post the other day which was quite obviously a bad day I feel abit better than I was. Mom and dad have backed off about Nathan so feeling a lot lighter than I was. He's picked me up from work the past 2 nights so I still haven't had much time away from him. I brought up the topic of how cousin to him yesterday and told him my fears and all he really said was that 'only I can control my own mind' so that made me feel really majorly shit and I started to panic. So I went really quiet and then he asked me if he was a rubbish boyfriend because he didn't know how to help me, when all the time I was thinking in my head 'all you really need to do is make me laugh, tell me I'm beautiful and tell me that it's all going to get better and he'll be there along the way to hold my hand' you know, the comforting reassurance that your boyfriend is supposed to give you not, only you can do it. Idiot! And to top it off, he's mentioned sexual intimacy every day since I've moved out, i get that he misses me in that way, but I would rather him keep saying that he's missing ME!!

Moving on, the book I've started to read is really good everyone should go out and buy it, it's called the 'secret'.

If anyone needs a rant like me message me and I'd be so glad to try and help or listen.

Ps, how's everybody's anxiety been lately? Xxxx

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Hi, glad ya mam and dad have backed off a bit and ya managing to see a bit of Nathan. It's progress. He may not understand yet but it should improve with time and experience. It's not always easy to understand us guts is it eh.

Ps don't worry about the sex issue. He's just being a bloke ha ha


Morning Keyleigh.

Its hard for people who don't have anxiety to understand fully how we feel or what we need, if you could explain how you feel he may start to think differently. There is an old saying if you want to understand someone you must first walk a mile in their shoes. I understand what you mean when you say you would rather hear him say it is you that he misses and not the intimacy.

take care Kenny xxxx


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