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Confused feeling of anxiety???

Hey guys. My second time posting on here and when I do I feel like I'm expressing myself to people who know, understand and the ones I can trust with what I feel. I've been suffering from anxiety for awhile now but have been ok for I would say 2 weeks well okish. Suddenly I've been feeling heart palpitations, migranes, very fearful, all I think about is death and what will happen when I die and how will I die it's all scary. I've been getting closer to god more than I've ever been and searching for my path with him, this also has been confusing for me as I've always been a believer but since I'm suffering from anxiety my faith has gone down hill and questions have risen in my mind wether this is all true...Ive NEVER had this problem before and have always been a true believer... What's going on with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!! I miss being human again feeling free. Someone tell me is this fearful feeling normal with someone who sufferers from anxiety and also with all this physical feeling its so hard to believe its only anxiety. I'm confused?:(

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HI Lil x I don't think we have spoken so hi and welcome x I find this place is the best I have ever come across for truly explaining how you feel without the fear of being labelled or laughed at x We are a wide range on here of anxieties and other side lines of anxiety x No matter what you are going through at some point you find a fellow sufferer and the reassurance that what you feel is shared is great x

I am a anxiety sufferer since i was a young girl in one way or another x It was bearable and then suddenly hit me big time a year ago with symptoms like you explain x I am also a terrible worrier of death and it happening x We all seem to have this experience at some time or another but it can lesson as we learn to accept and live with it x I think there are times when we are in the deepest parts of suffering that we question everything we know and feel in life x Some things seem like they cannot be answered and then those that can we question and analogize to much x Just try to relax and not other think to much x Try to just go with the day by day approach and then be pleased and comment on the positives you found in yourself on them good days x

Its hard when you feel so bad with anxeity but it will in time become easier as we learn to accept and live with it xx Donver x


Hi, I don't know about you but my anxiety messes with everything! My body and my mind. Lets face it it can have us not knowing our arse from our elbow. Don't let it make you question yourself. Accept its just your anxiety talking and not the real you. The physical feeling is also normal. I feel physically ill with it too when it's in full flow. Take care. X



Donver has given you some good & advise & I cant add more really except I have had these thoughts & still do from time to time but as you get control of your anxiety & we fearing them they do go & you will get your faith back again





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