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Relaxing day mainly :-)

We'll after writing my post this morning, I done the house up and down (I had done it last night) lol then went to me moms and helped prepare and cook dinner while my mom and dad went up the hospital to c my nan. After dinner helped tidy all up and then me and my sister was there till about 5.30. Was really shocked wen I saw her as with no appetite for last month she's lost a lot of wait. She as got a lot of colour in her face which is more then she had wen she went in. She didn't want a tv but sitting there on her own with nothing I never gave her a chance. We'll strictly come dancing and sumthing Abby was on and she likes them. The machine outside the ward wasn't working (a card to use ur telly) so walked to other side of hospital (big hospital) to get one. Got my sister to walk with me as I wud just get lost but she works there and knows her way. To say she didn't want it she soon watch it lol tried to talk her in to drinking her 40sjuice to help build her up but she doesn't fancy much. Did have abit of her Christmas dinner so better then nuthing. I didn't let anxiety play apart in today and still haven't. It's brilliant wen u get just not think about it. Anyway off me other then did anyone watch Matt goss on strictly come dancing? Xxx

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Wow you seem to have had a busy day. You sound very positive which is great. Sounds like your sister is on the mend good news there as well.

Never got to watch strictly as mum had remote lol.

I have had a nice day which I enjoyed with my mum, now relaxing upstairs on here.

Gardener x



Is that a relaxing day :-D

Sounds like you have been really busy !

You never seem to stop & I admire all you do :-)

Hope your boys were happy that Santa came , I bet t was lovely watching them opening their presents :-)





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