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It's Christmas and I feel ill


First of all, Merry Christmas to you all!

I started feeling unwell yesterday, terrible cramps in my guts and I felt nauseous on and off. I managed to eat normally though.

This morning I got out of bed (late) and I feel dizzy and sick and actully just ill. I think I caught a stomach bug.

I live in a nursing home and it's irritating me that all the staff immediately say: aren't you just afraid to go to your brother's place this afternoon?

Well, I may be a little anxious but that doesn't make me feel this way.

Besides I was at the dentist on monday which is very close to my brother's home and a lot less pleasant and I didn't feel ill then.

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Merry Christmas to you to :-)

Sorry you are not feeling well today

There is a stomach bug going about it sounds like you may have that & hopefully it only lasts about 48 hours so you should feel better soon :-)

See how you feel later , this is your Christmas day & if you don't feel up to going to your Brothers then relax where you are :-)

Let us no how you feel later

Take Care





oh sterre I had that bug last week :( hope you'll soon feel better :)


sandra x


Thank you whywhy and sandra. I did go to my brother's (my parents picked me up as I don't drive) but I still feel weak and dizzy so I didn't stay very long.

I'm also feeling more anxious than usual because I'm feeling so weak.

and constantly wondering if and what I should eat.


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