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Did ok

Went shopping yesterday and saw someone I really did not want yo c at all !!! shocked me a bit where I just stood still and stared ! But thats gd for me as normally wen anxiety kicks in I take my self away from wot ever the situation is! and I think I did ok calming down after to...kept thinking about certain things for the rest of the day but trying to forget just shocked me as I was not expecting it....hope everyome is well x

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Hi Stacey

I hope you feelgood about yourself , you faced something that normally you wouldn't have been able to deal with yet you did & kept any anxiety from taking over , just shows how far you have come !

Hope you have a lovely Christmas :-)





Thanks.......I did feel gd a bit anyway...anxiety did kick in and I burst into tears just coz the shock of it really but was ok after that...trying not to think about it now but every now and then I find my self thinking !!! Hope u have a great christmas to :) x


Face that person daily youll be over anxiety in no time!


Hi Stacey, well done to you, I have had a few experiences on meeting people I didn't want to see and it does bring on the anxiety. I hope you feel better today.

Merry Xmas xx


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