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Uninstalling anxiety

I always get nervous whenever I am about to enter a door to a place I've never been to. Yes, this always happens in job interviews which really sucks btw. I prepare for these things as I know I am an anxiety bag but when it's go time for the interview, I get tongue-tied and forget the important things to say to impress the interviewer. I always miss the point of why I am applying in the first place. I have been struggling in this situation for a year now and still unemployed. So many great opportunities just passed me by all because I didn't do so well in interviews. It's not that I took them for granted. I mean, I prepapre and everything because I wanted the opportunity so much. I want some change. I want to be employed and work, work, work. I am soft spoken too so when I try to raise my voice, you can hear the nerves kicking in my throat. Err how to I uninstall this stupid irrational anxiety in me?

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Hi there

I was so like that, not so much now.

Have you heard of Mindfulness?

It is a form of means paying attention on purpose,staying in the present moment.

There are lots on line.

Im currently reading Mindfulness for dummies .

Check out and headspace both very good:}

good luck x


sorry for butting in to this conversation, but I'm going to try that! :)



Anxiety can affect us all in different ways , but we can work through it & get better :-)

Not to sure of your predicament but if you have to attend Jobseekers do they have any support there to help you with interviews ?

Also maybe some counselling will help , if you spoke to your GP & explained how your anxiety is affecting you & ask they could arrange that for you which does help

Most people will be anxious when going for an interview & I am sure they take that into account

You are doing really well getting interviews at the moment with the employment situation as it is , you should feel proud :-)

The right job will come along I am sure & in the meantime I would ask around or see my GP & get some support with my anxiety so in time you will be able to feel more confident & less anxious in these situations

Keep talking on here you will get lots of support & advise :-)





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