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Has anyone ever done the Get some Headspace meditation online?

They give people interested to learn meditation a free10 minute meditation every day online for 10 days.I started doing it but after just 2 days i was asked to pay if i wanted to continue. I'm thinking of buying their book which is also called 'Getsomeheadspace' Has anyone read it before, is it a good book?

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Yes I do this.

You can go back to day1 and do it again:)

There is another called

that I do also. Xx


Hi Matosh,

No, I haven't done their meditations, but I have plenty of c.d meditations which I use frequently. I would rather have the guided meditations than the books, but that is my preference.

Eunice xx


Funnily enough I started today and got asked almost immediately for money. I didn't even get past the animations!!!

So, I sent away for 'Mindfulness for Dummies' as someone had mentioned it on here a while ago. Julie xx


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