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Damn anxiety!!!

I got very little sleep last night.... you know how you go to bed and ,suddenly, you are wide awake, that was me last night. Felt ragged today and very anxious.

Now I have to go to the prize giving at the school where I work and I am in bits about it. I am trying to tell myself that I will be ok but am so blimmin tired my anxiety isn't budding an inch.

Also, unlike most people, the thought of the school holidays,( our long summer one in NZ),isn't helping as I have too much time to think!

So,you can see I have myself in a right old state.

But, will do my best and face the fear and return home and have a brandy... only the one mind. Julie xx

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Hi Julie,

I can totally empathise. I'm absolutely shattered but the thought of the school holiday looming fills me with dread. At least it's only Christmas here and not the summer hols!!! Even though I'm exhausted I'm so much better at work than I am when I'm off.

I hope you get through the prize giving ok.

I'll be thinking of you.



Well, I did it but didn't stay for the supper....and survived as we do!!! The prize giving was good and I got a little present too which was unexpected. The principal had lots of kind words for the staff and aides so it was all good.

All that worry and anxiety wearing me down for no reason. When will I learn????

Have a good day. Love Julie xx


Hi Julie

So pleased to read after your post you did it !

Well done :-)

Hope you feel better now & a present to , now nice :-)





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