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How's everyone?as

How r u all doing today? Hope all is well :-) I've been ok for about 4 days now other then having moments of anxiety. My feeling sick most the day is passing (touch wood it stays away). The moments of anxiety symptoms and thinking all negative am less but still there. Last night lieing in bed I just felt so anxious and scared of everything. I do think the build up to Christmas is one big worry like money, and have I got enuf presents for the kids. Having anxiety we seem to worry about every little thing. Last night I put my head fones in and listened to sum relaxaction music on u tube. I was listening to the sea at one point. Imaging I was sunbathing on a beach and I fell a sleep so it definitely relaxed me. I am going to start listening to the app that helps u relax again on my fone. Download it again as it really helped me last time. I know I've gotta focus on positive thoughts and things again. Sumwhere over the last few months I've let my mind wouder back into the anxiety. Anyway hope u all have a relaxingday xxx

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Hey ... Glad that the sickness is subsiding...

I'm the same in that the anxiety is knocking at the door.... Easy to slip back if you let it and I do think it's a stressful time of the year!!

Good idea to chill though xx


Hi Donna

You seem to be doing really well :-)

I am glad you have stopped feeling sick , its not one of the best bits of been pregnant I remember it well , but wait till you have that beautiful baby , it will have all been worth while


You still have come such a long way from about this time last year , I remember talking to you & compared to now believe me you are doing brilliantly :-)

I no what you mean about Christmas , I think we may worry more but it is stressful for most , like you say worrying about money , have we got what we need which is the bit I have to try & focus on sometimes it's not always what I want as I want everything if I could but what I need !

Also love costs nothing so no matter what presents you give them that big cuddle & knowing how much they are loved means such a lot & its the one thing we can give that's free :-/





Funny I did the same last night I had Zen meditation music going i had the tv on low and i was reading a book...For me I need to distract my brain in as many ways from producing the chemicals that make me depressed.I think any problem has an answer. the depression gets in the way of solving these problems I cant lay in bed and let my mind run i have to keep it in check untill the day starts and i can distract my brain with all the daily activities that come long... winter with the long dark days are the worst for me...I too suffer from feeling sick in the stomach not knowing if ill be able to eat which in turn elevates the i drink water juice milk so i can at least tell myself hey I`m getting some strong..peace and love..xo steve


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