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Crying: why suppress it??

Its a body function like any other.. My Nan used to say "theres nothing like a good greet".We cry because we can... I`v been in some very deep sob sessions. To where all thats coming out of me is a low moan...Now when i got into Yoga some years ago I was introduced to my Mantra. Low and behold if it wasnt very similar to where i was going in my crying jags..It`s the low vibrations that are soothing to my mind... Alpha waves and all that Jazz.....An easy one that everybody can try is... OHMMMM... let it resonat (sic) though your skull for say 2 minutes..Post how you feel when you stop......peace and love.. steve

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Hi bev..Its maybe odd to think but a good cry gets all kinds of good chemicals going.when we're feeling depressed the pressure to keep in control can be problematic in itself so giving in and letting go and having a damn good cry is very healthy thank you for your reply it all helps...peace and love xo steve


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