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Having a rough time of it

Hi everyone haven't been around for a while,however I'm having a horrid time with anxiety. I'm guessing its the time of year,it's the anniversary of loosing my dear mum on Saurday three years ago. Can't believe 3 years have passed and I miss her terribly,I feel like life isn't real and I've lost my rock. Christmas has been tainted unfortunately for me. Soon as I hear Christmas songs or see the adverts it sets me off. Am trying to be cheerful for my two teenagers buts its so hard. I really feel awful. I feel so isolated because of my illness too. I honestly feel quite hopeless. The main thing that keeps me going is my kids,thank goodness I have them but the anxiety is just horrible.

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There has been quite a few members going through what you are at the moment

So many round this time of the year missing loved ones & struggling to cope

I lost my Mum 10 years ago now was in October & every time the Anniversary comes it is still painful & I miss her so much

I think what she would be saying if she was still here & in my heart she still is

I also relate when you have kids it does help you to keep going , even though mine are grown up I no they still need me

When I put my tree up at Christmas I have a little silver bell , takes pride of place & that represents my Mum , I look at it & as well as having a few tears which can be a release to let the emotions out , I also feel comfort as I am still doing things to keep her memory alive

You do find a way to learn to live with this & it gets easier with time & remember they live on through us , no one can ever take that away






Anniversaries of a lost loved one are always a sad occasion but even more so at this time of year, instead of dwelling on the loss try and remember good times when you were all together I have found it helps. I am sure you will have a nice Christmas and you know your mum will be watching over you.

Kenny xxxx


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