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Thought I was on top of things BANG o dear me I afraid not I think I am almost having a breakdown

I'm in such a bad place so dizzy my anxioty feels very bad I should have stopped work I just hope I've not burnt out feel very worried am I just having a blip after doing to much I've not felt this bad for almost a year but at least I now understand it worried that I'm going to get worse

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I feel for you as I am exactly the same at the moment. Anxiety levels high again after being so good for so long and am really scared about getting worse. Really don't want to go back there

I am really trying to fight it and will ask for a referral back to my psychologist so he can talk some sense in to me.

Sorry I can't help but know how you are feeling. Julie xx


I've posted Thankyou Julie are you still awake do you need a chat ilm here for you


Hi Julie think I can help I was having an anxioty attack when I did this I feel calm now if your feeling bad it will pass but I feel stronger now for going threw it I'm going to take as much time out of work as can I do hope I'm right I think the fear of it was the cause of my attack this eve I do hope you feel better soon I'm going to visit the gym in the morning when I feel ok try and I'm going to do another meditation to help me sleep and a hot milk x



I am ok and it's the middle of the afternoon in NZ!!! YOU were up very late. Haha.

I walk every morning and have gone back to listening to my relaxation CD and also re-reading a really good book that putts things into perspective.

I think I am having a little setback but am worried that it will get worse.So I have to put in place things that will help and remember some of the CBT from before. I find meditation quite difficult but will have another go shortly.

Hope that you got to sleep eventually and slept well. Thank you for everything.... this is such a wonderful site. Julie xx


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