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Doctors appointment.. Im scared!

Okay so, I have a doc appointment today for my ear.. Coz i've been feeling unbalanced and my ear hurts..

I'm afraid that either he's gona say that it's extremely infected.. Or that nothin is wrong and im feeling this way for no reason.. Ahh :(

I dunno what to think but all i know is i hope its just an ear infection & that he can fix it!

I know i shouldnt be drinking caffiene but i'm having just one cup of coffee :) haha

I'm watching The Color Purple.. Very good movie actually :)

Take care xoxo Vic

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Hey Vicky, :)

However bad the infection, it'll be completely treatable with antibiotics which you make you better. :) Try not to think about it, thinking about it will just make your anxiety and infection worse. He'll try and find a reason, I can be sure of that :)'s his job!

I understand :) eaten so much chocolate today. Sometimes it's the only thing that takes the edge off the fatigue. (I consistently have bad nights' sleep).

Not heard of The Color Purple - what's it about and who's in it?

(((Hugs))) xxxx


Thanks :)

And it came out in '85, it's with Oprah and Whoopi Goldberg.. Its great.


I'll have a look when I get the chance. :)

And that's alright. xx


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