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Humbug, we are all stuffed x

Thank god it's only once a year, christmas really sucks.

Consumer madness all around, but I ain't got the bucks.

So don't get me no presents, I really do not mind.

Buy something for the poor kids that the systems left behind.

We deck the halls and stuff our face, buy, buy, then get in debt,

Give people gifts they do not need, and get drunk to forget.

We sit in pews at midnight mass, look pious, say a prayer,

Forgetting those who wake that day, no gifts and cupboards bare.

When I awake on Christmas morn, my gift will be my health.

My christmas wish, that one day everyone will share the wealth,

So children will not go without, the elderly not cold.

Now that would be the greatest christmas story ever told.

Love Cookie xxx

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Hello Cookie :-)

Was only thinking today you were due for a run round here & logged on & here you are


Did you write that poem , if you did you are well talented & even if you didnt very true words spoken !

Missed you lots my friend :-p





brilliant,only you could come up with something so good.Hope you are doing well.


also hope we hear more from you,how is your new home?


Cookie big hugs

I'm so glad you are still around great words matey

Love eve x


Hi Cookie, it's lovely to hear one of your poems. I hope are ok xx


Hi Cookie.

So nice to see you again. Love the poem and it sure rings true with todays culture.


excellent poem!


Christmas is really just for children, I used to love it when I was a kid with all the presents which i didn`t have to pay for. Nowadays it just gets on my nerves, the way everyone gets so materialistic (more so), spending money they don`t have, & getting in my way when I`m doing my food shopping. Another thing is that it starts earlier every year, Iv`e seen Christmas cards on sale in August!


hi cookie great to hear your poems again, very poignant, hope you are well. xxx


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