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This might help others feel better

I have discovered Elderflower Cordial and I am drinking it daily now and I am feeling so much better.This morning was the first morning I did not feel sick when I woke up...Maybe it could help others..I am sure that natural products do help if we can find the right one that suits us...I am going to keep going with the Elderflower cordial and hopefully I have found the answer to my prayers to alleviate some of these awful anxiety symptoms I deal with on a daily basis

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Hi Tudor

Thanks for sharing that & I am pleased it has helped you

I am sure others may try it to , its good when people let us no what has worked for them :-)





hello Tudor,

That sound good, I like things that are natural, am sure they are better for us. Where do you buy from? If you don't mind me asking.

Thanks for sharing.

gardener x


I can drink this stuff like a fish! It's not cheap though! You can buy it in Tesco, Asda and anywhere like that it's usually made by Belvoir or Bottlegreen. It's lovely xx


I buy it from Tesco..


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