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What a weekend I have had no wonder I've been so tired and anxious tonight feel bad t

anyone awake

I'm so tired I doubt very much I could fit it all on here

My Daughter had a boil had to Go into hospital and then had have an opp bless her and all the running around will they keep her in or send her home she came home tonight,

My brand new freezer stopped working and the guy who sold it will not do anything without the receipt grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr £90 it's been lost ! now after it all I feel dizzy and have feelings of anxioty again I will need to hit the gym to ge rid of the stress however I've done something to my neck it's gone all stiff on one side not sure if I have not injured it and to top it all I'm have those feelings anxioty again due to the stress this weekend at least my daughter has come home

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I should check with someone about that freezer as the seller should have a record of it even if you have lost the receipt.Sounds like BS to me.

Glad your daughter is home. I had boils many years ago and they are painful!!

Try and have a good sleep and hope the anxiety gets better. Love Julie xx


Cheers Julie I'm off to bed now after doing some relaxation and I will sort the freezer thing out as well tomz as that's another day night to you


Hi Stu

Good advise on the freezer , hope you get it sorted

Sorry to hear about your daughter , this is bound to make your anxiety try & get in as well as the other pressure you feel under , but tell it to go away , its not welcome !!!

If you feel you could have hurt your neck , maybe have it checked out before you hit the gym again , you dont want to make it worse

Sometimes life seems to throw everything at us all at once & its hard even when you dont suffer with anxiety to cope , but as things go back to normal & they will the anxiety will settle down again

You reading that book ?

I havnt got it yet but will do :-)

Hope you had a good nights sleep & feel better today :-)





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