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Made things worse, backward step:(

Jst as i was having more good days than bad, recently, Ive missed work today. Had a sleepless night, felt exhusted this morning, as i was getting ready for work at 630, then panic,anxiety struck,couldnt even bring myself to phone n work,even then they no my situation,and have been so supportive,was only on a half shift today too,just recently woke up to 4 missed calls from workmate,Im Flying n bed,blinda,curtains shut,dont want to do anything,i hate this feeling,i hate being like this,Im so upset,angry,i feel so alone,but Im choosing to isolate myself then people are tryng to elp support me,advice you be grateful,i feel sick with nxiety,worry.....x typed from top of my head hope makes some dsense. My fiasnce gona B disapointed if i tel him i missed work,my heads bursting.....x

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Ive just got myself out of bed dressed,make-up on,asking it look like Ive bn to work wen fiance gets home....wot am i doing? Work hv left a voicemail,c the thing is i hv a weird phone phobia,i had it before i was like this,but Its even more now,i get qwerty palma,panic,anxiety just over speaking to someone on the phone,they will only b phoning costey,work,areconcerned,and want to no if ill B n tomorrow,shall i just play dumb and say i fot i wasoff today,cos my heads not rite,and also make out to fiance that work was ok.....or B honest with both...i fot i turned a corner.. i works a carer.stunning my senior training is my trigger of advice please.....burst this bubbleone that Im n....x


You need to see your Doctor and tell them everything your feeling and thinking, I found writing everything down and handing it to them was very helpful as my Doctor knew exactly how to treat me. You can feel better it just takes time it took me between 4 to 6 weeks to feel any improvement. Hope this helps, take each day as it comes and deal with it the best you can and think to yourself that I have got through another day. X


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