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Bedlam programme last night (14th Nov)

I usually find that programme interesting to watch but watching it last night i thought i was going mad.

As the people are explaining they hear voices, i thought i started to hear them too. It was really quite scary.

I got told once that if you think your going crazy your not, because people that are, don't know.

Well, i'm not so sure now. I dont want to be psychotic. I'm hoping its just the anxiety playing tricks.

Does anyone else get that, where you are part of the programme/ film etc?

I feel really influential. Same with programmes about tourettes, i have to turn them off because i feel like i will develop it too. Maybe i should just not watch tele =)

Karen x

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Hi Karen

I know what you mean Karen, I start to think is that what I do? Then start questioning myself about things. Mind you I am an over thinker anyway. I wish my family would watch some of these programmes maybe they would learn something, as it is such a hidden illness. but they don't I have told them when it is on etc, but just get, oh no not intrested in that type of thing. never mind maybe one day I live in hope.

Hope you are okay gardener x


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