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Out of my comfort zone

Hi everyone hope you are all doing well after some tips from anyone if possible.firstly having reduced my dosage of propanolol I now don't feel like I'm walking around in a drunken haze.anyway to cut a long story short on Saturday I am pushing myself way out my comfort zone and getting a train from Newcastle upon Tyne to Oxford on my own,I've done this trip a lot before I was struck down with anxiety disorder,any advice on staying as calm as possible on the biggest worry is if my stomach plays up through anxiety,don't fancy being up and down to the toilet on a busy train x

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Hey there,

Well done for pushing your self:)

I use an app on my phone called you can listen to the meditation or just listen to the sounds of nature. The trick is to block negative thoughts, so a good book or headphones listening to music or rub some lavender on your wrists. Have a cup of camoline tea before you set off might help. Hope that helps good luck. Xxx


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