Hi all, right I could be totally wrong but here goes , I used to get palpitation really bad all through anxiety , anxiety as we all know it just fear, I still get anxiety, but I don't fear it anymore. Here's why. I would get the palps, the chest pain, the numbnes, still get the dizzy spells .....,,,and run to the doc, and be told I was fine, I think when we get to the doctor we relax cause we are in a place where we can be saved if anything happens to us. So our blood pressure is ok when doc checks???? I landed in hosp with severe palps and really high blood pressure. To cut a long story short I was put on blood pressure meds, which stops the heart racing and just slows it down. Since leaving hosp over two years ago I bought a blood pressure machine and monitored myself every day. I noticed that when I had high blood pressure my heart would race to keep up and I would end up with anxiety because of the wY my body was feeling. It would be interesting to know what u all think on that one, that anxiety only kicks in after we start feeling physical symptoms. The symptoms bring on anxiety and then make us physically feel really bad, then we go on fearing those symptoms and fearing there going to come on at any time. Being on my blood pressure meds has totally stopped my palps and lowered my blood pressure. My anxiety caused my blood pressure nothing else. So I'm wondering if half of people on here are suffering with blood pressure problems caused by anxiety but can be helped by trying blooef pressure meds????? It's worked for me . I didn't realize how much until recently when I was told I didn't need my meds any more as my bp is fine, after a few days I began to get theild palpitations and this brought on severe anxiety that I've not had for a while, so went back on the meds and no more palps. What I'm trying to say is, buy a monitor and check yourself , no point in suffering from palpations which make ya feel worse when there is something that could help. I might be totally wrong , I'm not a doctor, it's just an avenue to explore

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  • Thank you for this. I get up and my head is always giddy . Then palps and they dont stop all day. Laying down they stil thump away on a low. So wil get mine checked.



  • Interesting how palpatations vary...I'll consider myself lucky that I can get mine under control with breathing alone - time taken does vary though

    sam xx

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