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Hello all, long time no speak :)

Hey to you all, I see a lot of people on here that I haven't spoken too, and a few I have! Just thought I would check in as I haven't in a good few weeks! I was on here pretty much all day every day at one point as it helped massively.

I am doing pretty much ok! Still have a lot going on, but I'm managing it, by myself, and getting by!

How are you all? What's been going on? Be nice to catch up with a few of you, and meet new people. Get in touch :-)) xxx

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Hi LooLoo :)

Thought I'd introduce myself formally here.

Quite a lot has been going on over the past couple of days but we're still muddling. Some of us are struggling more than others and I don't think the cold weather helps either, but that's why it's good we can provide one another support.

I'm glad you're doing ok, that's really good to hear. :) I always feel a great sense of pride in myself when, even though there's a lot going on, I seem be coping - this is certainly true to speak with regards to uni so far (it's my first time away from home). I'm thinking we definitely need to carry on with the 'positive' posts that people have been per suing on here. If we have it regularly, one day of the week - a Friday as that's (probably) when people are at their happiest - like we were doing before :) than I think that'll be great.

It's good to meet you.

Soft (((hugs)))

wanderingwallflower xx


hi LooLoo86, not many on at the mo, glad you're ok.


Hi LooLoo

Glad you are getting on okay. I have found this site a big help. I seem to have up's and down's and pop on here posting away for support.

Gardener x


Hi Loo Loo,

just thought i'd say hello. Not feeling toobad today and it's been good to catch up with what's going on.


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