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Im bloody sick, here we are this time o night x i am knackered i have had a few hours sleep every night this week and today has been a good if not some parts crap day x And now my neighbour who is obviously having some sort of house party minus the music (thank god) has decided to have some sort of tennis match in her front room, the house is semi detached. They are banging off the walls and jumping around, glasses smashing all over shouting and screaming, stamping you name it, there is a pizza and a kebab on my front lawn and fag dumps in my back garden :/ I complain every time she says sorry an then do it again x Not happy at all xxxx Donna

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oh donna I do feel for you! I went through similar in a previous house.

can you put headphones on and watch tv or listen to music?

how long does it normally last?

I'll stay around 'til 12 if you want to pm me & chat - let me know.


Ty Sandra x She has gone quiet now thank god, has been known to go on until 3 am before. Luckily its not often. Im off to dot he last of my jobs before bed but thank you for your offer x night :)


good, night.


Ear muffs? Or ear wax? Both work. When I lived in London I used to have neighbours who played VERY loud music until 3 in the morning. I had to be up for work at 7.30 so it was a nightmare. I would go round and they would get abusive. One night it was so loud the walls and the windows were vibrating. I used to keep calling the police. Fortunately they moved after 9 months but even to this day if I hear neighbours playing music I feel very anxious and sick to my stomach. I do sympathise with you. Noisy neighbours are awful.

Bev x


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