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Hi x

Hi all, ok maybe the move to the nz one seemed a little mad, and some would say childish yes ! But sometimes in order to try and help someone who feels this site is like the air they breathe you will try anything x sadly on this occasion it did not work out x There is no one to blame and all we can do is move on, no more digs and pops at each other we shall go back to how it was x In my opinion and it is but my

opinion the ones in the wrong should admit it and apologise, we find in life there are sadly some people we will never get along with and when this happens we ask that these people leave us to it, not pester us constantly x No one is being asked to leave as this is a site to get help and advice or to give it xx It would not be fair to do that x SO how are we all today ?? x

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Bless you Donver,

All well said. :) I wouldn't say childish, we were just trying to help a friend. Well my sore throat hasn't entirely cleared up but otherwise not too bad thanks. :) How are you? How's everyone?



Hi Donna, feeling sad today what with sorting funeral arrangements and trying to get my head around what has been going on on this site. I have found the site really helpful these last few months.

Jules x


Anxious me .... we are all in a vunerable state on this site which is why we are here... to support and help each other and not upset each other. Now we are supporting our friends whywhy and Winter who have been upset enough to leave this site which has, in turn ,made many others their care and support was invaluable to many.



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