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Night time attacks are stressing me out!

So, at night I get the most annoying panic attacks. Lump in throat and a pressure on my stomach. Both making me feel like I need to be sick and go to the toilet.

Say I go to bed at 11pm I'm up until 2/3am trying to sleep and relax myself. It's all brought on by my mind because if I distract myself enough for my muscles to relax the ache and lump eases so I can sleep.

It's not even as if I could be bloated because I make sure I don't eat after about 8.30 - 9 at the latest.

It's seriously stressing me out because I am getting about 4 hours of sleep a night and I am exhausted all the time and by early evening I start feeling light headed.

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A few months ago I was going through a bad sleep problem too. I was getting off to sleep OK but then waking up between 3 and 4 and not being able to get off again. I had lots of muscle tension too - all from anxiety.

A sympathetic doctor at our practice put me on a low dose of Amitriptyline before bed - 2 x 10mg tablets worked their magic on me and brought me back to my normal sleep pattern.

Everybody's anxiety is different and it seems some things work better for some people than others so I just offer this as a possibility you might like to discuss with your own doctor.

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Hi I see its been a few months since u posted, but just wanted to say I suffered really bad at night took a while to get off to sleep then I would wake around 3am and struggled to get back off after that! It left me constantly feeling exhausted and waking with headache everyday cause I was so tired:( I went to see my doctor who has been an amazing support and we've tried several medications that have just made things worst but then she suggested amitriptyline! I take just one 10mg at night and sleep like a baby wake up feeling refreshed hardly have headaches at all now been taking it for 8 wks now and its really helping still have the odd blip here there but I think us anxiety sufferers always will!.

Hope ur well xx


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