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Need to say this

Nothing to do with HA. I was born in Sheffield and the recent death of the pizza delivery driver really upset me. If it was for money why did they have to kill him. Was it drug related, stiil no excuse. If it was racial the people who did are the dregs of the earth. Why can't we all live together. These people are worse than animals. They want locking up for life. Sometimes I am ashamed to be British

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Hey Holly

I agree.........Its a horrible world we live in at times.............You lose faith sometimes don't ya??

But there are a lot of good people in the world too, and when you watch programmes like surprise surprise.... and that awards ceremony for people doing good, it gives hope back!!



I work for the NHS and we have doctors from all over the world and most of them are a lot more polite than the English ones


When my husband was in hospital in March all the doctors were from overseas, and many of the nurses too, and they were all just lovely.

We all have to learn to live together as o it's a very different world from what it used to be.

Hope you are feeling a little better, holly. Julie xx


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