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Rib pain, muscles hurting with headaches

I am feeling so down right now. I've got pain under my left breast, feelings like rib pain. I also getting aching muscles and headaches. I am not in the mood for this right now. I guess there is something going on again and this anxiety isn't giving me a break. I think I need to see my doctor again so he can check heart/lungs just in case, shame I've got to wait until next week. Ah well carry on with the pain

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Snap, I started with rib pain very suddenly, but obviously it's going to be HA. Hope you feel better soon


Have you been doing any unusual stretching or reaching recently? I know it sounds a bit daft but anything like reaching high to clean windows, or stretching up picking blackberries? Sometimes you can pull a muscle doing stuff but you don't get the aches/pain until a day or two later.

Waiting for doc appointments is hard, I know... You spend the time thinking the worse when you're an anxiety sufferer.

Sending caring thoughts westwards towards Cardiff ;)


Hi, I've just joined this website so hello. Yes i've had this for years and it is an anxiety thing. I used to think the worsed but now know what it is. When your really anxious you don't breath properly and unconsciously hold our breath and this is what causes mine. Really painful. Sometimes I have to take a valium tablet so it relaxes the musles. I'm 99% sure thats what it is. Left ribs like a knife stuck there. Hope this puts your mind at ease :)


I have had rib pain with my anxiety - but I've also had rib pain when i had shingles. So yes, get it checked out x


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