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Wanted to say Hello

Hope everyone is managing here i have not posted for awhile but always remember the site that help me when i was at my lowest ebb, which i am truly grateful for.:) Certain people were always encouraging and giving positive vibes these people i thank sincerely.

I have been dancing with demons on and off and have had some good results with the anxiety but sometimes due to the panic attacks etc i find myself in some dark places and everything comes flooding back.

I literally refuse to have my life ruined by thoughts that come flooding into my head as i want to be able to lead a normal life. Meaning invited out go instead of worrying and pondering. Get on the bus without worrying how i am going to feel and will i make it to my destination. Sit in a restaurant and enjoy a meal without feeling uncomfortable and wanting to escape.

I tell myself over and over again i refuse to go back where i was 3 months ago and want to enjoy my children and grandchildren.

Had some stressful time with a new house i was purchasing the vendor decided to not sell at the last minute i am surrounded by boxes and you can well imagine the mess is horrendous. But hey ho i have taken this all in my stride which i was surprised about. Now buying another property fingers crossed this goes through.

But my motto is every disappointment is a Blessing.

Hope to catch up soon take care

Love Seyi xxx

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Hi Seyi

Lovely to see you posting :-)

I miss so many that were about at the time you speak of & you dont forget people & I that includes you , I think of you often

You have come such a long way & I no you have an inner strength & things will keep improving for you :-)

I also believe if something doesnt happen , there is always a reason & that will be that something better was meant to be & I hope that this will be the case for you as you deserve it so much & hope those boxes will be moving soon :-)





Hi whywhy

Thanks for the reply really lovely to hear from you :) do miss the conversations and laughs and support everyone gave. Although i am sure there are really lovely people positing here. I will try and get on a little more than i have done. Just with all this packing up clearing out and in between having the grandchildren i get snowed under.

I hope you are keeping well :)

Yes i agree that every disappointment is a blessing in disguise but can be frustrating and annoying as well as costly.

Thanks for you friendship really appreciate it.

Big hugs

Love Seyi xxx


Great to see such a positive post. I am a bit like you, face the fear and just do it. My husband and I were invited out to lunch yesterday with about a dozen other people there. I was a bit nervous about going but went and had a good time. I really don't want this anxiety/ depression to rule my life although at times it is very difficult.

I hope your new house goes through ok and I wish you all the very best.

Been having a few slips lately but trying to stay strong and get over them.

All the very best, Julie xx


Hello Julie

Thank you kindly for your positive reply and can understand what you are saying. I am glad you went out and had a enjoyable evening when we return home you ask yourself why did i panic and worry so much.

I am glad you are feeling positive and may this continue.

All we can do is support each other care and talk this can sometimes make you feel as if your not an isolated case.

Regarding the house its in progress so hopefully this will go smoothly.

Take care big hugs

Love Seyi xxx


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