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dark evenings?

I woke up today & noticed that the time on my mobile phone was an hour ahead of that on the tv when i switched it on. I thought that my phone was on the blink until I looked at the calender & saw that british summertime has come to an end. I`d completely forgotten that the clocks went back last night, now the nights will really start to draw in. I`m wondering how others on this site feel about dark evenings arriving, whether it`s a big adjustment for them. I often find it creepy at first.It`s not even 4 oclock & it`s already starting to get dark.

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Omg I absolutely hate it. It makes my anxiety worse. I close my curtains so I can't see the dark it makes me so edgy winter is awful as I have s.a.d.


Yes it takes me several days to adjust. Also I am currently changing medication which doesn't help and have found myself waking up even earlier this week.


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