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Party Anxoity

Hi not been on here for a while hope your all well

I went to a party last night after a stressful day at work I think I have found the only thing that I'm struggling with those who have read my post well have seen that I have tried not to avoid anything shops work going out gym but I think party's are my downfall I found this hard last night there was a kids Halloween come house warming I stayed from 5-10 to be honest I was testing myself was chatting to people I've never met at one point hart started to thump chest pain rushing feeling hot head u get the picture think I'm going to have to go to every party I'm invited to to tell my self nothing is going to happen any advise on this would be Welcome by the way this was harder than the wedding I went to a while ago strange but true o

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Hi :-)

Well done going to the party & stopping there as long as you did in the first place !

I had a few years where my anxiety was really under control & even though I like been with people , I have never felt truly at ease at parties or other peoples houses !

I also no lots of people that dont suffer with anxiety that feel just the same !

Sometimes I wonder when we have anxiety & we dont feel comfortable in certain situations if we blame the anxiety , rather than accepting thats just us !

Maybe the more parties you go to , things might get better , or maybe you will never be the kind of person that enjoys them that much which is OK , but the thing I would focus on is that I went & mixed for a while & you should feel proud of yourself :-)

Sorry I have not been able to answer how to cope better , but I wanted to say I think you did well :-)





Hi why why yes thanks for your thoughts I was Aways up for a party but now I've realised that I'm not but I want to be this does make me feel a bit cross about this even angry I've been wondering that why prior to my breakdown I would love a party and now I do not so therefore I think I've found a weakness in my recovery and I'm going to be honest after reading a book Anxiety no more I can now see what he means about excepting it

That it's there the hard thing for me thou is I can't start drinking again as I want to lose lots more weight and if I start drinking at party's not that I would drink lots it would not help I fear I would put on all this weight and end up 23 stone again and I do not want that to happen so at odds with myself on what to do go to party's and for now at least not enjoy them and use them as a way to overcome my feelings or not

And what do people mean by being kind to yourself I think I struggle with this does this mean just say no I'm not going that's it I had a hard day at work and now here you go its test your self city


Sorry for moaning :-(


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