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Feeling crappy :-(

Hi all im off back home tomorrow night. My youngest came out with chicken pox yesterday morning but hes fine in his self which us good. I've been fine untill about half hour ago. I felt abit sick and felt like u was going to pass out. I've abit of anxiety now as I have never passed our and got scared incase I did. So I'm lieing on the bed on my side as its supposed to help stop u feeling fainty. I don't know I'd that's the pregnancy or anxiety as I felt like it alot last yr with my anxiety xxx

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Hi Donna x OOhh chicken pox , i dread my kids getting that x the itching part alone its awful x I replied to say i have the dizziness thing to x both whilst ive been pregnant and after, it was down to anemia both times x maybe worth a check:) x or sometimes tiredness it the plain simple answer x i think the more worked up we get about it the worse we feel x Hope you feeling better soon x Donver


Hi Donna

You may be back by now :-)

Sorry your young one has got chicken pox , best getting them out the way while they are young , not that helps a lot though

Get you Calamine Lotion in , & some Capol he will soon be better hun

Try not to focus on why you feel anxious , or keep it simple , like , you have had family trauma , been on holiday , young one took ill & even people with out anxiety would be feeling stressed !

Hope once you are home you feel a lot better , holidays are lovely but nothing better than your own home & bed :-)





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