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The stress drink or general health anxiety?

Thought I'd make another post based on the Natural Calm drink I had last night...this could be pure coincidence as I only drank it for the first time last night, so as I was drinking it, taste a bit tart but still okay overall. Felt a bit panicky drinking it but I put that down to my HA, I'd had sore muscles all day and they seemed to loosing off when I went into bed. I did feel tired and I tried to get to sleep but I found that I had become really awake(not really unusual for me, so can't tell if that was the drink) finally fell asleep. Slept until my alarm went off at 7, which although I was only asleep for 6 hours, it's not like me to sleep without waking at least once. Woke with my alarm going off and struggled to get up, felt really dizzy, got into the shower and all of a sudden my heart started racing really really fast(this also has happened loads of times before) finished my shower, got out and it started calming down.

Got ready for work and drove to the train station and right now it's funny...I feel sort of weak and my muscles feel I wouldn't say relaxed, more numb, and I'm definitely more aware of my heart area, but that also is not unusual.

I would say half my mind is saying it fine to keep taking for at least a few more days but the other half if my brain is saying "look how crappy you feel" "it's going to harm you"

Looking at it I do feel bizarre but I can't make up my mind as too if it's cause I just feel chilled out and I haven't felt it for a long time or if I generally am about to kneel over.

I've read review after review about it and the worst side effect I've come across was a girl said she felt her heart was beating worse after talking it, but then I reason with myself that she also may have done what I've done and just panic.

Sorry to ramble on, I'm just a bit spaced out and trying to remain normal(could be tiredness as well) I've really only had 5-6 hours of sleep the last week or so and I usually need at least 7-8 to fully function.

Thanks for listening to my speech haha ;-)


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I have took it and felt on effects. My muscles hurt all the time. Try it a bit longer and see how you go. I will let you know how I get on


What effects have you got? My chest has hurt all day and I've had a good few palpitations.



Hi Ashley, does your doctor think you might have a calcium or magnesium deficiency? If not, it seems unlikely that it will do much at all. It won't harm you, and it won't affect your mood.

Of course your decision to take something like that can affect your mood. It might affect it upwards—you expect to get better and so you do. It might also affect it downwards—you worry that the thing you've taken will harm you.


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