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Wacky Fun House Sunday!

Today I spent most of the day with my cousin and her two 7 year old twin daughters, who I am so close too. They are full of life and fun, they are the best happy pill ever. My cousin invited me out as I've not seen the girls for ages now, it was great fun. Eve and Elsie love being with me because when they tickle me I laugh and also I am silly Auntie Becky :) It was just brilliant to take my mind off things and have fun, I ate too much and those plastic ball play areas are just cool haha.

Saturday was a hard day. In 2012, our house got flooded thanks to non stop heavy rain and issues with council drains outside and in our garden. When it first happened, the whole downstairs got flooded, lost carpets and some personal items. The council have put in a soak away and it works but the garden still gets flooded and it's scary. I was all alone as the drains outside over flooded and watched as the water came out fast. Luckily it didn't reach the house this time but more heavy rain and it might!

I am hoping for snow rather then rain ! Sunday was a better day for me but I am still feeling cold, sore muscles and feeling sleepy. I think waking at 2am every morning isn't helping!

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Sounds like you have had a lovely day :-)

I love the names of your nieces especially Elsie it was an old fashioned name but I do like those kind of names a lot more than some of these new ones they have now a days , I hope they are coming back !

Sorry to hear about the problems you had with the flooding , we seem to get so much rain now & I think for one reason or another not many of us seem to like it

I would rather it be dry & cold as that doesnt seem to cause as many problems , we just have to wrap up warm in that weather :-)

Hopefully you will sleep tonight after Eve & Elsie have kept there favorite Aunty busy :-)





Hi whywhy

When the girls were born we weren't too sure about Elsie as a name, but it really suits her. She is a confident little girl like her sister, but they are so different. Elsie loves books and jokes and Eve loves to dress up and dance till she is dizzy lol. They make me smile and always cheer me up. I hope for no more rain, I am out early tomorrow and don't want to be soaked before I leave my house!


They both sound adorable :-)



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