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noooooooooooooooooooooo :(

we've had 4 days sick it's worse...the youngest was sick :( fingers crossed that was it...I'm not doing too well right least with a sick 9 year old he can take care of business himself (even if the aim veered to the left it was in the right room)- but a 2 and 9 month year old? agghhhh he goes everywhere and always seeks me out for everything...hoping it's not what the big boy had and something less vicious from nursery...


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Hi Sam

I am sorry the younger ones are not well now

Take it a day at a time , & hopefully it wont be what the eldest had , you coped though with the eldest you did very well !

I do feel for you , wish there was more I could say except keep talking about it on here , hopefully that might help a little bit





haha just giggled about my post...not very clear just 1 sick child who is nearly 3 - possibly the worst age for this and I don't think he has actually been properly sick before...


Oh well one is better then , thought it was the two of them :o

He might deal with it better than you think & shake it of quicker , I hope so




Blummin heck, I hope this doesn't last long. Just remember to carry on disinfecting. Can you give him a bowl to try and aim into. For this exact reason I had leather settees!!!! I do hope this bout doesn't last long, take care xxx


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