What is art therapy? I am a member of an organised registered charity that specializes in art therapy. Rushing to get art work finished on

time for the benefit of the charity's prestige is not my idea of a calm and tranquil lifestyle. If I have to rush a project I am not enjoying it. I am getting stressed. Surely the idea behind art therapy is to alleviate stress.


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6 Replies

  • I agree, if your having to rush and getting stressed its no longer therapeutic is it , art should be an enjoyable way of expressing creativity :)

    Mimii xx

  • Thank you for your very sensible reply which poses another question....Can art therapy ever be introduced into a charitable organization and manipulated for gain and if so can it still be called art therapy?

  • Art therapy is to project your feelings through art work. They use it a lot with children

  • Thank you for this. Can the expressed feelings, through art, of people with mental health issues then be used for anything anyone may so choose or does the person pouring out their feelings in this creative way have some form of patent on their expressed feelings?

  • i hope your project "calls them out" on this...... remind them to walk the talk....

  • Thank you for your very supportive reply.

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