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Vitamin C

I know it's a long shot but a friend of my uncles(granted he is 20 year old than me) had been experiencing random heart palpitations, his wifey is a bit of a lotion potion type woman so suggested him to try large doses or Vitamin C, now he has been taking the for a few months and has not had any palps since, I thought I would get the same stuff and give it a bash, nothing to lose but my health anxiety has creeped in and I'm thinking what if I take to much, can it damage me?

Anyone know anything about Vitamin C?

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Hello Ashley :-)

Anything is worth a go , you have nothing to loose & maybe gain , could even get that cholesterol lower :-D

As long as you take the recommended dose you will be fine , I have also read that if we are taking vitamins any that our bodies dont need just come out through the bladder anyway , to put it politely :p

Let us no if it helps you :-)





As long as you don't overdo it you should be ok. Large amounts can cause nausea and stomach cramps. It is still inconclusive whether or not it can help with heart problems. Perhaps a multi vit would be better. Take care


Okay guys that helps.

I just want to know I'm not going to die or something from too much Vitamin C, it's my dramatic brain going haywire again lol :-)



Oh Ashley

You do make me chuckle , not at you but with you , you so remind me of myself when I was your age & I can still be like it now from time to time now

But I can assure you I have never ever heard of anyone dying through taking Vitamin C & I really dont think , well I no that if you were to take it you wouldnt be the first to make medical history on this one :-/

Hey I am starting omega 3 fish oil vitamins , doctor recommended them for cholesterol lowering , you could take some of those if you like , even though as my GP thinks they help & you have less than 1 cholesterol as it is , you would maybe end up with no cholesterol left at all :-D

You will be fine on Vitamin C in fact I had forgot through all this , my son takes one a day vitamin C through the winter to try & keep colds away , he is nearly 20 , I buy them him he has been doing it over a year , so there I wouldnt give them him if I thought they would cause any harm



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