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Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday

Exhausted! Got to bed around 2am and my neck started hurting, really bad this morning, must have pulled it yesterday, making me a little on edge. Bit lost today cant do my normal routine as I haven't a clue what im doing :-\ Guess just pick myself up and try make my day as positive as possible.

Have a lovely day everyday, thinking of you all,,

Much Love


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Sorry you dont feel so good

You may have pulled your neck or it could be tension , I get terrible pain in my neck with tension & it can feel like I have pulled it , it does ease , but of course can be when we start relaxing before it does

Dont worry about sticking to your routine , routines are good as long as we dont let it get us down & allow them to control us , which is how I can be

Do what you feel up to , the rest will be there another day , I no its not easy if you are a routine person & I still have to work on this one , but no one has given me a medal yet for sticking with it , in fact other than me I dont think anyone notices , its just my head that does :-/

Hope you feel better later :-)





Hi michelle, I had really painful neck recently couldn't get comfy in bed so went and got a new pillow and it got better straight away was really surprised :)

Hope your feeling bit better x

Mimii xx


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