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28 hours...the boy was sick again :(

Hiding in bedroom as OH is keeping him up in living that will be 20:50 on Wednesday I've got to get to :(

thankfully the boy is happy and lively fingers crossed it is not catching because apart from being sick and feeling a bit tired he feels fine and looks better than mum and dad do ;) I keep telling myself if it was the dreaded bug he would not have been eating today or moving around (thankfully I kept the food simple or liquid) and he had vile poop before he was sick and none since...constantly trying to convince that it is not THAT evil bug is working...ish

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Hi Sam

Sorry he isnt well again & its causing you anxiety

I am sure it will pass soon & I dont think it will be anything nasty

I no when you have a fear its not easy , but the more we fear it the worse are imagination starts getting carried away with us

Hope he is better tomorrow & you all get a good nights sleep





good night x


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