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Benzo problem

I have been tapering for almost the last two years and I'm no further ahead. I realize that this is a permanent condition unless there is a rehab place that specializes in taking a person off of the benzos and restoring his old life. Does anyone out there know of such a place. Let's make the assumption that money is no object and neither is location as long at its in this galaxy and not more that three or four light years away. :)

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I'm looking for an answer. I may as well be Waiting for Godot. It looks like its Ativan till the end of time and the end of a life worth bothering with. My understanding is that Clonasapan is the one pill that is harder to get off than Ativan or heroin. I'm sad that your condition hasn't improved after all these years. No treatment center to help?



Years ago I was given Ativan & they are the most addictive as well as strong meds out there , I didnt think they were still in circulation as they started to realize how addictive they were & stopped putting patients on them

Now I started to get addicted to them & my GP swapped me to Diazepam & then slowly tapered me of them , which was easier & I never had any since

You really need to see your GP , they are the best to advise you & work a plan to get of them with out as little as possible withdrawal symptoms , you may feel a few but if you stick with it they do pass

See your GP & tell them how you are struggling & want to get of these meds





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