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Not able to cry

This seems a strange thing to post as a couple of years ago I could not stop crying. I am not able to cry or release my emotions as a result my anxiety is growing as is my stress and resulting in seizures - my brain just closes down my body as it is unable to cope. I lost my father just over 3 months ago, my brother-in-law has terminal cancer as does my Aunt and my mother has a leaky heart valve and may need an operation she is 80! I have been told to sit with my emotions 3 times a day for a few minutes, but when I have done this I seem to just avoid the emotions afterwards how ever hard I try - self preservation. I was beginning to wonder if it could be medication suppressing my emotion's. Has anyone else found this?

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Hi, You are going through some tough times!

Six years ago I lost both my parents within 6mths of each other.. then my brother had a stroke followed by my daughter being diagnosed with Tourette's.

So I know what you mean when you want to cry but can't! I think that we can protect ourselves from trauma so we can concentrate on being strong.

I found a very good app that really helped me. It's called Head Space . It explores you and your emotions through mindful meditation. Give it ago it might help. Good luck xx


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