Lost it today with my lot. Grand kids playing up before school so I had a go at them. Hubby pain in the you know what. Sat them down and told them you need to respect me more and I will not put up with this any longer. I work cook babysit do the housework and am not appreciated. I've got a demanding job and need some time off when I am not at work. Feel better for doing it


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5 Replies

  • Oh dear, sounds like you've had a trying morning. *Big hugs*. Good on ya for putting them in their place and putting your foot down. Hope the rest of the day gets better.

  • Thanks. Going to chill out now

  • Good for you Holly, hope they start appreciating all you do, if not you could try going on strike and then they might realise just how much your doing every day ! :)

    Mimii xx

  • I might just do that. I am normally quite placid but I'd had enough. yesterday had a bad day at work. I am a nurse ( mental health) and a patient said to me "I have been waiting for 1 hour for a doctor to see me" so I said you are lucky I have to wait six weeks to see mine. She only had a mouth ulcer. Think I ought to retire. Thanks for responding

  • Goode for you saying how you felt. Let us know how it goes and above all stay strong. It's about team effort and supporting each other.

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